Friday, February 24, 2012


Man has it been a long time since I did this! (5 weeks actually) This is something that I need to refocus on and get back in the habit. I don't necessarily feel like I drifted away but I feel more like I zoned in on one thing and forgot the rest.

Let me explain the past 5 weeks like this…have you ever seen people who spin basketballs?  I'm not talking one or two on their hands, I'm talking about the people who spin like 20!  They start with one ball and get it going, then they get a second one going until they are covered with basketballs, all spinning at the same time!

That is what I felt like except for one difference…I wasn't keeping all the balls going at the same time!  Sure, I would get a few going (work, exercising, devotions, family, etc.) and things were looking good.  Then life threw another ball at me…we'll call this one grad school.  As a result I lost focus on the other balls while trying to get this one spinning.  We all know what happens when the person spinning the basketballs looses focus…they start hitting the floor and there are basketballs everywhere!

I share that because life can have so many demands on us that we feel like we can't keep up with it all. We do well in some areas while we stink in others because we can't give the time we want.  As a result we get frustrated, angry or maybe we even just quite all together.  Trust me, your not alone…I've felt all three plus others.

I want to encourage you not to give up on your goals for this year.  If a "ball" drops don't beat yourself up.  Reevaluate, make changes, put somethings to the side for right now, but keep going!  I'm learning that I need to do the best I can, with the time I have alotted each ball and then be okay with that.  I'm also learning that maybe I need to set a few basketballs to the side, for this season in my life.  Then when grad school is finished in May I can come back to them and start spinning away!

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