Thursday, January 5, 2012

John or Peter in 2012

Today I found myself reading about the Resurrection in John 20 and I was struck by the two different reactions of John and Peter.  They both heard the news that the tomb, in which Jesus lay, was empty and they both immediately took off to go see for themselves.  Peter, who apparently was a better sprinter took an early lead but John was more of
an endurance runner and eventually past Peter arriving their first.

Here is where it gets interesting.  John doesn't go in!  He comes to a screeching halt and just pokes his head in. He saw that it was empty. He saw the linens lying there but yet his feet didn't move. Why? The text doesn't tell us so we can only assume…maybe it was fear?  They had been hiding out in a locked room fearful of what the religious leaders may do to them.  Maybe he thought this was a trap to get them out in the open.  On the other hand he might have been in shock or just taking the situation in, either way though he stopped.

Peter, on the other hand, who had been lagging behind did not!  He just shot right through the entrance and into the tomb…there was no hesitation!!  Peter had that type of personality.  A lot of times he spoke or acted before thinking…and sometimes that got him into trouble and other times he had incredible experiences.  Its interesting that after Peter went in John then too decided to enter and he believed.

As I start this new year of 2012 I wander if I will be more like Peter or more like John?  I think there are times that I need to be like John.  I need to take a moment, assess the situation and then move forward like John did.  On the other hand there are times when I need to be more like Peter and just act, trust in God and see what happens.

Like many things in life there needs to be a balance between the two. There will be times when I need to slow down, possibly stop to assess the situation and there will be other times that I need to push back my fears and hesitations, put my trust in God and move forward. I pray that in 2012 I will have the wisdom to know when to act like John and when to act like Peter.

So who will you be more like this year?  John, Peter, or both?

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  1. Love this Mike! I know I need to be more like Peter. Trusting God and taking chances without over thinking! My prayer is that God gives you the discernment to know which path to take in your everyday life!