Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Go Fish

Last night I had an agenda!  I was going to take Ana to her dance class and while there read a book that I'm really into as it benefits me in work, my counseling practice, leading a marriage small group and in my own marriage.  That is why I quickly became annoyed when Rachel suggested that we all take Ana to class and while we wait hang out at the coffee shop and play cards.  Obviously I hadn't read much of this marriage book or even started to apply spending time with my family is such a chore!?!

But then the goals I had put in place for myself came to mind.  I remembered that I was committing to spending more time with my family.  I now had a choice to make and fortunately I made the right one. So often it really is the small things in life. Why is it then that we overlook them or downplay the time?  Why is it that we plan for big events and fill our calendars with "important stuff" and yet not set aside time or allow for interuptions to spend time with those who really matter and need our friendship?

For thirty minutes it was like everything was right with the universe...just drinking smoothies and playing Go Fish.

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